December 19th, 2007

Drop Dead Fred

One life down...

... eight more to go.

Last night, our cat Katarina decided to see if she could fly. Well, that isn't what she started out doing. She was walking along the railing of our loft behind our headboard. Well, dum-dum lost her footing and fell down into the living room. We think she landed on the coffee table, but we're not sure as we didn't actually see her hit the table/ground.

We, of course, rushed to see if she was okay. She seemed to be fine. No yowling or mewing or anything of that sort. And once dinner was started, she was mewing away for scraps.

I think she was more embarrassed than anything that she fell down. And I could tell she was completely fine when she was up to her old tricks of dumpster diving. Okay, it's not a dumpster, but it is the garbage can in the kitchen. She's a garbage-picker, that cat.

This is the little lady. Only 8 lives left.
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