May 13th, 2008

Mythbusters: Rocket Car

More like elephants...

I'm getting butterflies about this weekend and a little feeling of euphoria. Don't really know why though. I mean, I'm gonna be seeing OK Go at Grant Park on Friday, see OK Go at the Indy Speedway SaturDAY, hang out with pejo SaturEVENING back in Louisville, crash on his couch, perhaps do a little more sightseeing on Sunday and then drive all the way back home.

I'm just really excited about my little road trips.
Wicked: Playbill cover

A little list...

#1 - I saw a rainbow today!!

#2 - Next week, phed4, pejo and I are going to see Wicked. Funny story, I was supposed to get the tickets weeks ago, but either managed to forget or pushed it to the side to do later. Broadway in Chicago was having a sale on tickets, meaning you could get Orchestra seats for $35 when they're normally $82.50. However, the sale ended on like the 2nd or so. I went online today to see if I could get three tickets for under $50 each, no go. So I think, Ticketmaster still has the sale option available, might as well try it. And BAM, I get three Orchestra tickets for $35 each! Granted, they're more like $46+ each with the ass raping fees Ticketmaster charges, but hey, I can't complain, they woulda been $90+ without the sale code. So, I get to see Wicked. Now I need to figure out how to see Avenue Q.

#3 - I finally finished Shogun. I'm so pissed at Toranaga. Gah, if the book wasn't a gift I might have ripped it in half. After everything everyone went through, just, gah. I hate it when books end that way.