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Urlacher scores!

Bears kick Green Bay's ass 35-7.

Seriously. Why couldn't the Bears have played this well all season?

Oh yeah, Grossman and Griese.

Heh. I'm exactly two years older than Peanut Tillman. And make that reason #589 that the number 23 is fuckin' awesome. Actually, I'm older than the majority of the Bears. Wow. That's a downer.

I really wished we could have seen them in the post-season again. Ah well. There's always next year.

By the end of the game, I really wanted to turn off the sound as I was tired of hearing the commentators bitch about the cold weather and that the Packers weren't playing as well because of it. Uh, hello? Green Bay is a whole helluva lot colder than Chicago. The Packers should be used to these conditions. And if they said one more thing about Fav-ruh, I would have plungered my ears. He's not the greatest QB there ever was. (Sorry Packer fans)
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