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Chicago-ites, click me! sarahkucera, I'm looking at you. Granted, it's not the flying you were speaking of, but it's still "flying". And I would totally do this if I didn't have that damn acrophobia. Then again, you'll probably be strapped in pretty well, so I could totally face my fears.

Movies, movies, movies. So excited about The Time Traveler's Wife. The book was a-may-zing, I really hope that they do a good job with it. And Star Trek with Simon Pegg as Scotty and Harold as Sulu. (Hmm, I haven't seen Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, but they're making/made a sequel Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.)

Oh, and Sweeney Todd, fan-friggin-tastic!! If you haven't seen it, go, go now and see it. Through out most of the movie I wanted to scream, "You have some red on you". But I'm pretty sure the majority of the audience wouldn't have gotten the reference. Ah well. Oh, I totally thought that Anthony Stewart Head made a cameo, but he's not referenced on IMDB as making a cameo. I think I'll have to see the movie again to make a good call. Oh, and the soundtrack is excellent. Go, go get it now.

Why am I so scatty today? Oh yeah, waking up late. Oops. Waking up late and Metra are a bad mix. I must remember to alight at Lake Bluff or I'm screwed.

And look at all those links. Scatty-monkey.
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