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OK Go live tonight!!

Hey all youse peoples. OK Go is performing tonight at Tipitina's in a benefit for Al "Carnival Time" Johnson and Sweet Home New Orleans.

AND it will be WEBCAST LIVE at 10pm CST. Follow me to the webcast.

So, if you've never seen OK Go and/or never heard their music, now is your chance, that is if you're online tonight and have a very good connection.

And from their website:

Tonight´s super-awesome benefit show, featuring OK Go and Bonerama as you´ve never heard them before, will be webcast live from the Tipitina´s website. That's tonight, as in January 11th, starting at 10pm CT. Click here to watch.

All proceeds to the show go to help out New Orleans musicians who are in dire need of support. So if you do the right thing and watch the webcast, do the other right thing and kick a couple bucks to Sweet Home New Orleans.

ALSO, their show in DC on Groundhog Day will also be a benefit concert. I'm seriously considering hoping on a plane to see the show and meet up with some of the OK Go boardies. After the day I've had, I really need a break from W-2 bullshit.

Ciao my lovelies! Oh, and watch the webcast!!!!!
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