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Super super Tuesday...

I voted today and all I got was this lousy sticker.

I was voter #333. Don't know if that's a high or low number. Then again, considering the area I live in, it's probably high. And from what I could hear from other voters, they were all voting Democratic. Don't know if it was swaying towards Barack or Hillary. I guess we'll find out tonight. If IL goes to Hillary I will be highly disappointed as Barack has done so much more for our state than Hillary has.

Oh, I totally rocked the vote!

And the new OK Go EP with Bonerama was released today. It fucking rocks!! Click here for the OK Go and Bonerama You're Not Alone EP. This is a digital release only and is only available at iTunes. Again, all proceeds go to Sweet Home New Orleans and Habitat for Humanity to build Al "Carnival Time" Johnson a home back in New Orleans. Let's get our musicians back home.

Go get it. Go get it now! And if you do, you'll get to see Mr. Nordwind hula-hooping!
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