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I did it!!!!!

Lifted from the OK Go forum:

Here's my write-up from the show last night, including how I got tickets.

Yesterday morning I was talking with a co-worker about how I was going to stand outside HOB in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the guys and them taking pity on me and putting me on the list. In turn she asked if I had checked Craigslist for any tickets. I had not. I go to check the website and there are two tickets available. The guy who won them was going to have to work late that evening and wouldn't be able to use them. So he was offering them up to anyone who wanted them. We exchanged multiple emails and I secured the tickets. Only hitch, I had to get them from Elmhurst, IL. Luckily I had driven into the city and took the el to work so I was able to go and get the tickets after work. That was one of the longest hours I've had in quite some time.

I turn around, drive back to the city and find somewhere to park near the Fullerton el and jump on the brown line. Depart at Merchandise Mart, try to locate a bathroom and then head to the HOB. It was a little farther than I thought it would be from the Mart, so I'm glad I was able to make that pit stop.

Now, before getting the tickets, I check the website: no cameras allowed in venue. Once I get the tickets, the back says: no cameras allowed in venue. I get to the venue: No cameras allowed in venue. So I'm shakin' in my Chucks hoping they don't check my purse. Nope, they just wanted the ticket and an ID. Score, I'm able to get in with my camera, but unsure if I'll be able to use it.

The show ended up being in the Back Porch Second Stage area. It's a nice little place with tables, a big bar and a little "dance" floor in front of the stage. I had been there for previous shows and knew it would be a great spot for OK Go. While trying to figure out if I should check my coat I spot Andy. He's heading outside with his phone for whatever and I'm instantly frozen. I really didn't think that he would be walking around the venue as I thought he was judging the show with the rest of the guys. Once I can move again, I try and find somewhere to sit. I find a stool near the bar and watch the contest. The contestants really rocked. I completely suck at Guitar Hero so i was amazed at how good these guys were. Then I noticed Damian and Tim sitting at a table in the "dance" area with two other people. Only Damian and Tim were judging the contest, so that meant Dan had to be around somewhere too. I looked but couldn't find him. Andy kept popping up here and there, but by the time I got my courage up to go and talk to him he had disappeared. And this happened at least three times. I need to get my courage up quicker or he has to stay in one place longer if I will ever get a chance to talk with him again.

There were a grew breaks in between the brackets so the guys would wander a bit, but never near enough to me so I could talk to them. But then here comes Dan. And he walks right to where I am, granted he's walking toward someone else, but I had a mission and it needed to be completed. So I said, "Hey Dan!" He looked a tad surprised and had a look of "uh, I need to get over there, but I'll listen", plus he was double fisting. I said I saw him in Washington, DC and that he probably didn't remember me. I then said that I had punched him in the arm and then he said, "oh yeah the 9:30 show". But nope, didn't remember me. Anyway, I told him that I was supposed to give him a thank you hug from Kalinda. He said ok and I hugged him. Then I told him Alice and Rachel still love him. I asked if they were going to Arizona any time soon, he didn't think so. Then I asked about Europe, specifically Germany. He said that it might be a possibility next year. Then he said that he was sorry, but his buddy was waiting for him and he had to go. I said no problem and thanks for answering my questions. He left and I continued to watch the competition.

Finally it was the last bracket and the two best contestants battled for the guitar with OK Go's sigs and a bunch of other neat stuff. I leave my seat and walk to the "dance" floor near the judging table. The winner is decided, much hoopla ensues and it's time to get ready for the show. A girl went to Damian and Tim and asked to take a pic with them. Since I was there I said I would take it for her. After that was done I asked Damian if he could sign my book. He said sure. I told him it rocked. He said thanks. I then told him that I actually drove through Humboldt Park that day and the park is still there. He smiled and then asked for my name. Once done signing he handed the book back over and I told Tim that I was sorry that I didn't have anything for him to sign. So Damian says that Tim should write a book. More convo happens and they have to head off to get ready for the show. I open my book to read what Damian wrote. What a sweet guy. And I'm still a little confuzzled as to what it means.

While waiting for the "dance" floor to be cleared of the tables and what not, I get ready to pounce on being in front. During that time I started to talk with some girls who had never seen an OK Go show. One girl knew all of Oh No, but that was it. While we were talking someone was handing out posters for the band that were pre-signed. They all got one but me. They showed me what it was and asked what the writing on the posters was. So I told them what each squiggly mark meant along with where they hailed from. The person handing out the posters came near us again and I asked if I could have one. I got one of the last ones, yay. Then the girl I was talking with said that if I hadn't gotten one she would have given me hers. We started to talk about other random things and that's when I learned it was an open bar. Score! I asked for them to keep my tres bien spot at the front while I grabbed something to drink. I got a Guinness and a coke, not mixed, like Dan, I also double fisted. I got back to my spot and continued to talk with the girls until the show started.

Here is the set list, though they didn't play The House Always Wins. I'm kind of grateful for that because when they open with that the ping ping ping ping gets stuck in my head for days on end. And here are a few of the songs I recorded.

Television Television
Prove My Love
Get Over It be sure to check out 2:30!!!
You're So Damn Hot

There are 4 more, but YouTube is exceedingly slow.

Also, here are some pics. All can be viewed here.

The OK Go drum is back!

Your eyes do not deceive you. Damian is wearing horns. There will be a video regarding that, but I'm still downloading others.

I am a puddle of goo when I see this pic.

The only part of my mission that I did not accomplish was talking with/giving a hug to Andy. I also didn't get to hug Damian or Tim. So, hopefully I'll be able to do that at the Grand Rapids show.

The show itself was great. They of course had the vote on which cover to play. And during this he said that if enough people screamed Obama he would start jumping around or something to that effect. Sadly only I and a few others started to scream. Ah well. Violent Femmes ended up winning out which makes me happy.

And since they didn't play The House Always Wins, when they did their encore they played Don't Bring Me Down and DWYW.

I'm so glad that I made the trip to get the tickets and got to see the entire show. If I hadn't, I'da been standing outside for a very long time. Sadly I didn't wait around after the show to see them outside as it was almost 11pm and I needed to get home to sleep for work the next day (oops, I called in anyway). Hopefully I'll get to see them in Grand Rapids.
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