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I still can't believe that I got into the OK Go show on Monday night. Seriously.

Here are the rest of the videos that I recorded that night.

It's A Disaster
Oh Lately It's So Quiet
Damian is the Best! You have got to watch this one. Seriously.
Don't Bring Me Down Yay! Andy and Tim Dance!!

And a few things I forgot to mention in my initial write-up.

I think it was during Don't Ask Me that Damian went into the audience and had some of the contestants play his guitar. It was... different.

At some point Damian's mic stand almost knocked out one of the girls next to me as it fell forward into the audience. Immediately Bob came over to try to right it, but he was behind a railing and couldn't get to it. So I tried to pick it up, but it was lodged under one of the speakers. So, try as I might with only one free hand, I managed to get it unstuck and into his hands so he could get it back on the stage. I truly felt like a groupie at that point.

Also, while the crew was packing up the gear, I asked the gal that works with them if I could have one of the set lists. There wasn't the usual crowd standing around asking for the lists/picks/towels/etc. so I was able to get Tim's as that was nearest her. She was the epitome of nice and I thanked her for it. I so wouldn't mind having her gig.

And duh, I'm such a dork. When Damian was signing my book and he asked for my name to write down, I blurted out that he spelled it right. I guess it's a good thing I have the common spelling of Becky instead of Beckie or Beckee. That would have been awkward. Though, since it's Damian, I'm sure he would have crossed out the incorrect spelling and spelled it right in the end.

And now it appears that my calendar is filling up fast. This is my agenda for the next month and a half:

Wednesday, April 23rd - OK Go show in Grand Rapids and meeting up with Katie and Angie
Thurs-Fri, April 24th & 25th - vacation days, wanna do something?
Saturday, April 26th - BBF shindig at Jenni's place
Saturday, May 3rd - BBF gig with Brent in BF WI
Sunday, May 4th - dance gig with Eric at Sandra's church
Friday, May 16th - OK Go show in Grant Park hosted by Columbia College's Manifest Urban Arts Festival
Saturday, May 17th - OK Go show in Indianapolis at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (still have no idea how to get tickets or whatever, on the website it shows a Third Day Qualifying $10 admission, so I'm thinking it might be a part of that)
Sunday, May 18th - hanging out with pejo in Louisville, KY
Saturday, May 31st - teching MooNiE & BrooN Show in Lake Forest
Sunday, June 1st - First BBF rehearsal at BRF

And of course, after the 1st my soul will be living at BRF on the weekends until mid-September. So, if any of y'all wanna see me, lemme know so we can get together.
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