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A little list...

#1 - I saw a rainbow today!!

#2 - Next week, phed4, pejo and I are going to see Wicked. Funny story, I was supposed to get the tickets weeks ago, but either managed to forget or pushed it to the side to do later. Broadway in Chicago was having a sale on tickets, meaning you could get Orchestra seats for $35 when they're normally $82.50. However, the sale ended on like the 2nd or so. I went online today to see if I could get three tickets for under $50 each, no go. So I think, Ticketmaster still has the sale option available, might as well try it. And BAM, I get three Orchestra tickets for $35 each! Granted, they're more like $46+ each with the ass raping fees Ticketmaster charges, but hey, I can't complain, they woulda been $90+ without the sale code. So, I get to see Wicked. Now I need to figure out how to see Avenue Q.

#3 - I finally finished Shogun. I'm so pissed at Toranaga. Gah, if the book wasn't a gift I might have ripped it in half. After everything everyone went through, just, gah. I hate it when books end that way.
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