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OK Go show #1...

Here is my write-up for the OK Go show on Friday, May 16th.

It's been a few days since the show, so I hope I haven't forgotten everything.

I got to the stage about 5:30. I found Rebekker and her friends there in front of one of the gates. I walked up to them and sat with them as I didn't feel like standing by myself. We talked about Grand Rapids and Manifest for a while. Then someone suggested a game of Duck Duck Goose. I being lazy opted not to play. Then we started to play Heads Up Seven Up, which was actually kinda fun. As we were playing, Damian (holding a crap load of clothing) and Tim walked out of the entrance we were standing in front of. One of us asked if they would like to play Heads Up Seven Up with us. Damian said he didn't remember that game. Then we explained that we were playing Duck Duck Goose, but only three people were playing so it didn't really work out. One of us asked if he'd want to play Duck Duck Goose, he declined and said that he actually had to go somewhere. So, he said that he had a game he could teach us and we could play that while we were waiting.

I'm gonna call it the Damian Game as he didn't give us a name for it. Now, you can have any number of players, but they must be in teams of two. When the teams get together, they will need to write down the names of famous people. Depending on how big the entire group is, each team will write from 2-? names. They then fold up the papers and put them in the middle of the circle. For each correct answer, the team gets a point. There is also a time limit to figure out the answer, it can be anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, or more.

Round 1 - the first team picks a name. A has to give clues to B to figure out who the famous person is. Let's use Tim as an example. The first team picks Tim, so A has to give clues, like "bassist" "OK Go" "fashion-forward dresser" "BAMF". B then has to figure out who it is based on the clues. You go through each team until all the names have been used. Now keep in mind, you should be listening to all the clues that are being said as they will be useful for the next two rounds.

Round 2 - the teams again pick names, but this time you use Charades to figure out the answer.

Round 3 - This is the final round. This time you can only use one word as a clue. So, if you have Tim, you might say bassist or glasses.

Tally the points to find out who wins.

Damian said that it's a really fun party game and even better when drunk. The entire time Tim was just standing next to Damian. I'm pretty sure what was going through his mind was, "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, will he ever shut up?" Then he told us good luck and they had to leave. So, what do we do, we get some paper and play the game. It was actually a pretty fun game and I would love to play it again sometime.

Then it was just about time for the gates to open. I brought with my camera even though it said everywhere, no cameras or recording devices allowed. I stashed it in a smaller bag with certain things guy security members don't like touching. Which didn't really matter anyway because he just peered into my bag and didn't rummage around. Then I run to the stage to get to Andy-Land. I probably didn't need, none of us really needed to, but we did anyway. It was pretty sparse in the park until the kids from the festival started walking over in a parade. It was kind of spectacular and kinda creepy. It's really hard to describe and I really don't want to remember most of it.

Finally it's 8pm and the show is about the start. Up walks I guess a dean or something of that level and talks about the festival. Then asks if we're all ready for OK Go, crowd erupts and he scurries off the stage. Lights out, OK Go take the stage and open with Television Television. Here's the set list.

The show was of course spectacular, but the Gestapo needed to die. I was able to take some pics and vids of Don't Ask Me, The Fix Is In and a bit of Prove My Love before they got to me.

Right before The Fix Is In, Damian noticed that some of the students were dressed as robots. So, he invited them up on stage. He then said that Andy was a programmer, that he was programming them to dance. Much hilarity ensued, and who knew that The Fix Is In is a song you dance to. Watch the video, it does not disappoint. And seriously, it seems like the last few shows I've been to, Damian has put something on his head. Oh, check out Andy geeking out every so often.

I can't remember which song it was, but the kids started to crowd surf. Well, there was a girl that was crowd surfing and well, they kinda dropped her. At least I'm assuming so based on the look on Damian's face, and when I looked back she wasn't surfing anymore. Oops.

Starting about the middle of the show, the kids started to get rowdy and were pushing really hard toward the front. So, all of us right in front got crushed into the gate. The kids pushed so hard that the gate started to give in. Not cool. I tried pushing back, but then they'd push forward harder. It was probably the worst during HIGA as that was probably the only song they really knew. However, there was a silver lining. During HIGA, Tim and Andy walk to the edge of the stage so they're pretty much within reach of the audience below. I'm of course dancing as best I could with the morons behind me. Then Andy looks down at me. Smiles. And nods. BEST EYE CONTACT EVER!!!! After we break eye contact, Rebekker nudges me and is like, OMG he was totally looking at you. I know it wasn't much, but that little smile and nod made me feel so good, gah, there aren't words.

Anyway, I didn't take my camera back out until the encore. I got some pretty crappy pics of the light-up jackets. I think Dan's jacket has a short or something because the G that's supposed to be on his back didn't really come out right. So, it kinda looked like O K adlskfjaisdf O.

They did the ELO cover and Damian of course jumps back out into the audience. Only problem, he jumps onto the gate that isn't really functioning as a gate anymore. Then he slowly declined into the audience. He ends up sorta surfing as the crowd tries to deposit him back into the area in front of the stage without breaking him or the gate more.

Then they go into Do What You Want. The ENTIRE crowd was jumping around at this point. And this is also about when we thought the gate was going to completely break and we would be trampled. Luckily the gate managed to only go to about 45 degrees and not go to a 0 degree angle.

Once DWYW was done, the crowd dispersed. Which was a godsend as it got much cooler and I was able to move away from the broken gate. We waited a while to see if we could get set lists or whatever, but then meandered to where the green room was. However we couldn't go back there, you needed a pass to get back there. I was fine with that as we could still see what was happening through the gate. Then security started to walk around saying that the park was closing. I only saw Damian near the green room talking with fans. Then Andy starts to walk out in normal clothes with a security guard attached to his hip. A bazillion fan girls "attack" him. But he continues to walk. One of the girls walked right next to him, I'm assuming talking about whatever, but he didn't stop or anything like that. We were debating if we should follow or continue to wait. We spot that he's stopped in front of the van that was going to spirit him away, so we decide to go over there.

As we get there, Andy's in the front seat and the van starts to move. Rebekker's sister screams for him and the van stops. She shows him her shirt, one of the guys we were with told him to thank Damian for the game he taught us earlier. Andy says he will.

Then I wave and smile at him. He notices me, something clicks, gives me a smile and waves back. Then he points at me, smiles and says, "Becky, right?" Then the van takes him away. I say, "Yes, you are so awesome" as he's being driven away. I start jumping like a moron then scream my head off. I'm pretty sure he heard me and now thinks I'm huge freak. But I can't. stop. smiling. I didn't get to talk to him, but he remembered me and my name.

I'm such a fan girl.

You can see all the pics (that I was able to get *shakes fist at Gestapo*) from the show here. And of course, a few obligatory photos below:


Yes, those are robots on stage.

Excellent show. And I can't stop smiling.
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