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OK Go show #2...

Ok, this was only two days ago, so I should remember more, right? Probably not.

It all started out with me running late. I managed to leave my house on time for the Grand Rapids show, but for the Indy show, I left at least an hour later than I should have. There were no hitches along the way, other than me running back into the house 3 times for random things I forgot, like the directions.

I ended up making it to the Speedway by 1pm, parked in Lot 2 and made my way into the actual Speedway. On my way in I called Jennifer to see if she was already there, where she was and how big the crowd was. I get to where she was and get to finally meet her, Christie and Suzanne. It's so much fun meeting Boardies!! Mainly because they get it, OK Go-ness that is. I also spotted Rebekker and had her stop by so she could also be introduced. She then went back to her spot in Andy-Land.

You read that right, or I think you did. I was not standing in Andy-Land. This was the first show that I was not firmly planted in Andy-Land. It felt odd. We were standing in Tim's Tundra while we were waiting for the show to start. We talked about the guys, the new album, the Chicago show and other random things. Then my friend Peter called and let me know he finally arrived and needed his ticket to get in. By this time, the audience had filled out significantly as opposed to when I showed up there was roughly two rows of people. I squeezed my way out and met up with Peter and high-tailed it back to the stage. When we got back it looked like the audience doubled in size. It was much harder trying to get back to the front then leaving. And it was really fun when someone yelled at me for going to the front. Ah well.

It's a little before 2 and the first band still hasn't done sound check, odd. It's 15 after 2 and the first band still hasn't done sound check. We're all getting a little testy. Finally we see movement and it appears Forever The Sickest Kids have arrived. Then the screaming starts. And it's all centered in my right ear. Thank goodness it died down after a while when the teeny boppers realized that it would be a while before the band would actually start playing. They finally get their instruments set up, check the sound and then start to play. They actually weren't that bad. We spotted Damian and Dan watching from the side of the stage. Sadly, they could only play 3 songs because of time constraints. Well, I wasn't really sad, but I would totally hate to have come all that way for only 3 songs from OK Go.

Once they finished their mini set, the teeny boppers that were in the front row left. So I pushed my way to where they were dragging Peter and Suzanne behind me as we were in the second row. My new position put me in between Tim's Tundra and Damian's Domain. It still felt odd. But there were advantages to this new spot, oh yes there was. You'll see.

So, FTSK tear down their shit and the OK Go roadies start setting up. Unfortunately the set lists are entirely too far away and at weird angles for me to get a pic of it. Of course while setting up, Dan has to get his drum kit ready, so it was time to get pics of him. And I'm glad I did it then because during the show Damian was in the way.

Finally it's time for the boys to start. Dan starts it off with his mean drum skills. And we go into Television Television. I think the set list is as follows:

Television Television
Don't Ask Me
No Sign Of Life
A Good Idea At The Time
Prove My Love
The Fix Is In
Get Over It
You're So Damn Hot
It's A Disaster

There was hardly any Damian banter on stage. I think it was because of the previous band, their set got cut short too (big boo-urns to that). He did have us vote though. And of course Prove My Love won out. And I'm kinda happy it did as I was able to tape the whole thing this time, no thanks to the Gestapo from the Chicago show. Damian of course jumped into the audience. This time I was actually near him when he did it.

I also got vids of The Fix Is In and You're So Damn Hot. And I was really surprised that the background vocals came out so clear. Normally you only hear Damian with a bit of background vocals, but this was like, SOHO acoustic quality. You can also hear me at times. Sorry 'bout that.

I got some Damian and Tim eye contact during the show, but nothing from Andy. So crushed. But what could I do, I wasn't in Andy-Land. Oh well. And I of course rocked my little brain out.

Damian again came out into the audience for DWYW. And it was probably a good thing I was in between Tim's Tundra and Damian's Domain or I wouldn't have been able to got those great pics.

They end the show and start to leave the stage. Andy walks by waving and then locks eyes with me. He smiles a little broader and then keeps walking. *swoon* Then Dan comes out from behind his kit and throws Suzanne one of his drumsticks. I totally didn't notice this till after she had it in her hand as it happened right after Andy left the stage.

All in all, this wasn't one of their best shows, but it still looked liked they were having fun. I think the last time I saw Damian smile as much as he did was during the 9:30 Club show in DC with Bonerama.

After their set we waited around a little in front of the stage to see if we could get a set list. But we were so far from the stage, it was hard to grab anyone's attention. Plus they were moving like they had fires under their asses because of the late start earlier. We see that Damian and Dan are talking to some people a little behind the stage where all there gear was being stored so we make our way over there. No sign of Andy or Tim. Damian talks with random fans, signs stuff and takes pics and is whisked away. Dan is still hanging out a bit so Suzanne gets her drumstick signed. I finally got to take a look at it and that sucker was beat to shit.

Pretty soon he gets whisked away too. We then get the idea to go to the other side of the stage where they were walking into a building in the hopes that they would come back out that way. Suzanne actually went around the building and found the van that took Andy away the night before. In my head I was thinking we should probably go and wait by the van, but then decided to stay where we were in case they did come back out.

We got to listen to Sum 41 from the side while waiting for the guys to come out. I flipped through the pics I took and pretty much zoned out. Once Sum 41 were done, I "tasked" Suzanne to go ask Bob if the guys were going to be coming back out. When she got back the news wasn't good. Bob said that by the time she went to ask, they were already on a plane back to LA. *sad sigh* At least I got a smile from Andy.

So, Rebekker and her mom decided that they should probably hit the road and we said good-bye to them. But not before her mom let us know she overheard that they were coming back to Chicago in two days to RECORD. Wha? Repeat that. They were coming back to Chicago in two days to RECORD. aldksjfaisdnflsdf

Now, this was heard second hand, so it might not be accurate. I would absolutely love it if they were recording in Chicago. But the fact that they are RECORDING is making me very, very happy. Besides, there are so many damn places around here to record, I couldn't fathom which place they'd be working at. Though it would be awesome if on one of my lunch breaks I run into one of them downtown. Wishful thinking.

After the sad news we leave to get some dinner. Since none of us were really familiar with the surroundings I suggested an Applebee's that I passed on the way in to the Speedway. Suzanne of course said that Applebee's isn't very Indie Rock, but our other options were like McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King. And well, after an OK Go show, it's much nicer to have someone wait on you and bring you free refills on liquids. (I'm so stupid, I keep telling myself that I need to drink more water before a show, but I still don't)

At the restaurant we talk about the show and other shows we've been to. I love talking with Boardies because they get it. And I so didn't want to leave the restaurant, not only because I wasn't looking forward to the 2 hour drive to Louisville, but also because it meant that my OK Go weekend was over and I wouldn't know the next time I'd see another Boardie, let alone another OK Go show. So sad. Outside we took a few pics. And I had to take a MySpace-esqe pic. Aren't we adorable?

So that was Indy. It was a great day and I got great pics, but I left feeling a little disappointed. Oh well. I'm sure there'll be more shows in the future. And maybe even with some new material!!

All pics from the show can be seen here. Obligatory photos below:

I'm pretty sure he's looking at Christie in this pic.

boy was always looking right over my head.

nom nom nom



Better DSF?

I love my camera.
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