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I did something on Sunday too...

I bet yer all just wondering what I did on Sunday.

After the show on Saturday I followed pejo back to his place in Louisville so I could crash and bum around Kentucky for a little less than half a day on Sunday. We went out for some brunch at a place called Sweet & Savory. I got the bacon and potato omelet. It was okay, but the homemade biscuit was so good. I highly doubt I'll be in that area again, but if you're in Louisville and would like some good breakfast, go to Sweet & Savory. Sorry, don't know exactly where it's located.

After brunch we ended up going to the Louisville Slugger Museum. I thought it'd be cool to see how bats are made, not to mention when you go on the tour you get a free souvenir bat.

Before the tour they had a movie about the slugger. I thought it was somewhat funny as the opening showed you Sammy Sosa in Cubbie pinstripes. Yeah, it was a little old. But it was cool because James Earl Jones narrated it. There were a few other players that talked about how they like the sound of the ball hitting the bat and how you have to hit it on the sweet spot.

After the mini movie, we got to go onto the production floor. Since it was Sunday, there wasn't any production, which was fine as they had plenty of videos along the route showing how the bats were made.

And of course the tour guide made fun of me because I was wearing a Cubs shirt with a BoSox hat. He asked if I was confused. I pointed to my shirt and said "NL" then to my head and said "the B is for Becky" "AL". He then jokingly said, "Oh, you're hoping it's the Red Sox versus the Cubs in the World Series? Like the Cubs would ever make it that far." I rolled my eyes and waited for him to leave me alone and continue with the tour.

One of the great things about the tour is that you were able to see and touch bats that the Major League players use. I got to pick up some random D-Back's bat that was mondo heavy. No idea how he swings that sucker. Then they were passing around a Manny Ramirez bat. Dude's bat is ultra-light. I could swing it and I'm no major leaguer.

Best part of the tour was when the tour guide showed us the correct way to hold a Slugger. It doesn't matter if you're right handed or left handed, you should have the burned emblem facing up so you can read it. This way, you hit the ball at the strongest part of the bat. Funny story, Yogi Berra used Louisville Sluggers and had a tendency to break them, a lot. When the makers of the bats tried to figure out what was going wrong, they noticed that he was holding the bat incorrectly. They told him he needs to have the burned emblem facing up so you can read it. His response, "I'm here to play, not to read". They ended up adjusting the burned emblem on his bats only so that the emblem would be on the sweet spot instead of on the top of the bat. I'm sure I didn't do the story justice, but it was funny when the tour guide told it.

Now I have my very own Louisville Slugger. Granted it's a miniature, but it was actually a regular sized one at one point. The tour guide said that when the regular bats are found to have imperfections or just won't cut it in the Majors, they turn them into the souvenir bats. Yay!

If you're into baseball or just slightly interested, I highly suggest going to the Slugger Museum. It's relatively cheap and you can pick up the bats that the major leaguers use.

And of course, there are pictures.

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