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Marty is going crazy...

I think my iPod, Marty, is dying a slow death.

#1 the battery only lasts for a few hours after a full charge.

#2 it has a new glitch in which it'll play almost all or half of a song and then skip to the next one.

#3 it's getting really warm when it's being charged.

I know I would be able to change the battery for it, but I don't know if that would fix the new glitch. When I go home tonight I'll hook it up to my PC and see if that might find something wrong with it. And if it does, hopefully fix it.

Otherwise, my "stimulus check" might be buying me a new iPod. Mind you, my current iPod is the U2 Special Edition with 20GB from back in what, '05. I'd be perfectly happy using this sucker till the end of time, but I may have dropped it one too many times or it's just old.

And even if I did have to get another iPod, I would have no idea which one to get. Should I stay with the iPod classic or should I go with the new iPod touch? Gah. I hope Marty's okay.

I manually rebooted Marty at work as he completely froze for no reason. Since then he's been performing up to par. I guess my "stimulus check" will be going towards my debt instead.

Additional addendum:
Heh, my horoscope is being funny today:

Luck will definitely be on your side today! Review your budget carefully, you will find that you have a lot more money to play around with than you thought you did.* However, before you run right out to the mall to spend it all, think about that one big ticket item that you've been saving up for.** This extra money could go a long way toward getting said item in your hands. Think long term with this windfall. Hold off spending it until it can really be used in a powerful way.

* "stimulus check"
** iPod touch
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