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This weekend was a little exciting. Not so much in a OMG exciting, but in a "there was something to do each day" exciting.

Yes, I know Thursday is not a part of the weekend, but we did weekend stuff on Thursday. I already posted about Wicked, however I forgot to mention that Eric and I spotted an old-timey train on the el that night. I even managed to snag a few pictures of it. Granted, they're not the best quality, but hey, take what you can get.

Oh, and the reason behind the old-timey train? They're filming the Dillinger movie in town, so I'm assuming it's for that. And who's in Dillinger? None other than Johnny Depp. Sadly, I haven't seen him. Ah well. I generally walk around downtown without my glasses anyway, so everyone looks relatively the same.

As you've read, we got out early. So, I did get home for Cash Cab and fully enjoyed it. Then, I downloaded a shit load of OK Go live, rare and unreleased music from the internetz. I'm a happy monkey now.

We went to Middlefork Savannah again. This time we walked around the path and found a pond/swamp/water thing. I managed to get pics of a few turtles and frogs. Here are a few, the rest are on my flickr page.

Can you see the turtle?

After walking around for a while we went and shopped for food and stuffs.

We went and met up for lunch with our friends from MI who were in town visiting family. We got to meet their baby who is kinda shy, but not. He doesn't really like strangers and he really doesn't like it when they hold him. Luckily, I didn't attempt to pick him up or anything like that. At first he didn't like either of us and started to cry. He never went full fledged crying, just had the lower lip trembling. After awhile he warmed up to me and he started to smile.

We talked about how they're doing, how the baby's doing, how we're doing, what their next plan is to fix up their house, what our next plan is to fix up the condo, etc.

After dinner we went back to home to rest a while and then change for the show.

Avenue Q is freaking awesome. Before the show I picked up a "it sucks to be me" shirt. I now have an official shirt for when I'm feeling like shit or sulky. Yay! I knew the music going into it, so I wasn't expecting any major surprises or anything like that. However, there were things that I had me laughing my ass off. And not only was I laughing my ass off, so was the entire theatre. I love it when the whole crowd gets into it and aren't stoney faces.

It's probably a good thing we were up in the balcony as I couldn't really see "everything" that was happening during "You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want". Yes, simulated puppet sex will make for raucous laughter. Especially when one of them has breasts.

The best part was during "For Now", the part where they sing George Bush is only for now, I gave a shout out before the audience laughed. The couple sitting in front of me must have been Republicans or something (though if they were, what were they doing at Avenue Q?) because when I holla'd, they looked over their shoulder and did a little hrumph motion. Psh, whatever.

I wish I could see the show again as I'm sure I missed things. And oh how I loved the Bad Idea Bears.

The ride home was actually quite interesting as Mother Nature gave us a spectacular light show. There was oh so much lightening. We got home just before it started to rain. It really didn't pour all that much out by us. Or if it did, I was already asleep and didn't hear it.

And yesterday was spent doing absolutely nothing. Well, I did get to watch the Cubs kick some Dodger ass. Did some laundry. And played some Rock Band. I surprised myself when I found that I can do pretty well in medium with the guitar. The pinky does work. That makes me happy :) Of course, I'm only through 7 or 8 songs. Let's see if I change my tune when I'm up to 30.
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