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Ooh, a PSA...

Hello fellow el jay-ers. Yes, this is going to be another post about voting. I'm sure your Friends Page is just cluttered with them right now. But I'm including The Simpsons, so it might be worth it to read.

Remember this episode of The Simpsons?

In case the video doesn't work, click here.

In this episode Bart is running for class president against Martin Prince. Bart is clearly the favorite and everyone is going to vote for him, except for Martin and his weird looking lackey. Well, Bart has a victory party and his entire class is there, with the exception of Martin and his lackey. Bart goes around asking if they voted or not. None of them have. Bart hasn't even voted.

When it finally clicks, Bart races upstairs only to find that there are only two votes and both are for Martin. Martin wins the presidency and Bart, well, he doesn't.

Getting all philosophical or whatever, you can apply this to this years election. Most people are assuming that their candidate is going to win, be it someone voting for Obama or McCain. (sorry green, independent and , there just aren't enough votes to get your candidate the presidential seat) Don't take this year's election for granted. Your vote is needed.

I don't care what the TV is telling you. I don't care what the newspaper says. I don't care what your favorite radio dj reports. You must VOTE. Yes, your vote counts. My vote counts, his vote counts, her vote counts, your vote counts. VOTE.

Don't be Bart. Vote.

And because I like the message and whole-heartedly agree, one last shot for change.

And, if you voted early like I did, thank you.
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